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The Tech Savvy Lawyer

Jul 4, 2023

In a world where words hold the power to shape destinies, where every keystroke can tilt the scales of justice, why settle for a generic keyboard? In today's episode, we are unraveling the enigma behind why legal practitioners deserve a keyboard that's as tailored to their craft as a bespoke suit.

Meet Daniela Semeco, the brilliant mind behind LegalType, where innovation and legal expertise converge. As the Founder and CEO of LegalType, Daniela has harnessed her entrepreneurial spirit and deep understanding of technology to revolutionize the way lawyers and legal professionals interact with their keyboards. With a profound passion for keyboards and a keen eye for detail, Daniela has ingeniously crafted the LegalType mechanical keyboard—a masterpiece tailored exclusively for the legal realm. This remarkable keyboard seamlessly blends functionality and aesthetics, boasting a mesmerizing design that complements the refined tastes of legal specialists.

Join Daniela and me as we discuss the following three questions and more!

1.     What are the top three reasons an attorney needs a keyboard specifically designed for their area of work?

2.     What are the top pieces of software and hardware attorneys can use to do the chore of typing easier?

3.     With the ongoing technological advances, what are the top three pieces of technology that can be seen as possible replacements for typing keyboard interfaces?

In our conversation, we cover the following:

[01:00] Tech Ensemble: Navigating Daniela's Digital Symphony

[08:59] Efficiency Unleashed: The Lawyer's Keyboard Revolution

[13:30] Enhancing Legal Efficiency: Top Tools for Attorneys' Typing Needs

[18:21] Unlocking the Mechanics: A Deeper Look into the Daniela's Keyboard

[22:02] Future Horizons: The Evolution of Typing Interfaces and Beyond


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Demo video:

ABA Tech Show Startup Alley Video:

Keyboard collection:

A picture of Daniel's tech setup during a demo meeting over Zoom:

Hardware mentioned in the conversation:

Legaltype keyboards and keycaps:

Legal board:

Logitech Ergo K 860:

Cherry MX Brown switches:

Cherry MX Blue switches: